Ben Affleck ‘s #SadAffleck After Effect: #BatmanVSuperman Wins Big At Box Office Despite Haters


Back off now.Ben Affleck wins v Batman v Superman Haters

Dawn of Justice is a subtitle understatement (given this victory).

They say that joy cometh in the morning.

I’m a person that doesn’t make decisions or take anything seriously done in the night time hours. In the morning, I need confirmation that all as-was, is as-is in the day at dawn and sun up. After an edited emotional reaction to reviews of his movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice went viral, if I were Ben Affleck I’d say my joy shall certainly shall cometh in the morning.

It’s said that numbers don’t lie-that was all before media technology turned social. Yet the one thing that remains old school is that these numbers don’t lie: the kind you buy at the box office.

People and fans of Batman (Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill) won anyways people-despite your disses.

Batman v Superman was the highest grossing debut given the March month (considering highest grossing movies are typically in the summer months).

Additionally, the movie took in an estimated $170.1 million dollars in North America. Collectively (overseas) it took in $254 million dollars.

Given the $400 million dollars it took for Warner Bros to make the movie, the movie made approximately $25 million over the cost to make it.

Coming from the get down of brass taxes and business-that’s really good.

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