{Out & About} JANET Resurfaces To Public Spotlight- Attends NYE Master Jam Jazz Festival 2015 in Support of JACKSON’s


New-Years-Eve-Master-Jam-2015Along with other 70s and 80s music artists who (although we may not all know/remember) but their songs have been sampled for many a songs of today: Kathy Sledge (of the female singing group: Sister Sledge We Are Family, He’s The Greatest Dancer), Jocelyn Brown (Somebody Else’s Guy), Gloria Gaynor (I Will Survive), Chic/Nile Rodgers (Le Freak), Incognito (Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing) and Chaka Khan; The Jacksons was on the same bill of lineups for last night’s NYE Masterjam Jazz Festival 2015 in Dubai.

Their baby sis (whose gone incognito herself since over a year ago) resurfaced just a couple months ago for the Vogue Fashion Gala.

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Although out of the celebrity/public spotlight for some time now, last night she stepped out on the scene to show support for her brothers while  they visited her neck of the world where she dwells these days.JacksonsNYE_Jan_supportsBros2


Check out photos from the other artists in the lineup, plus this photo Chaka Khan w/Rita Ora who attended:




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According to the local news reports, The National says The Jackson’s wowed concert goers at last nights NYE show.

In case you’re curious as to how (or if) the Jacksons [can] get down-less Michael; scroll up to OSF’s big screen to watch their most recent Suikerrock show (2014) and as well, have at vintage show footage-including some of their most notorious one/s with Michael.


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