{Out & About} TARAJI P. HENSON : ‘Girl I Wanna Kick It With You, My Feet Up & I’ll Kick It With You’

Coast to coast L.A to Chicago.

Across the north down south, to Key Largo it was on and poppin’ before twelve.

Lots happened around the world before and during the time the clock struck twelve.

Well, OSF discovered that (courtesy of @rocsi) we found ourselves a real-life Cinderella in the house in Miami partying it up for New Years: Taraji P. Henson.

If her shoes had a theme song, it would certainly be pulled straight from a Beyonce song and chanting “Girl I wanna kick it with you, my feet up and I’ll kick it with you!”

…And kicking her feet up was an order and an issue due to the fact that the lovely No Good Deed actresses glass slippers were certainly a problem!

So go onnnnnnnnn with your la-di-da red painted bottom soles and put these soles in your spirit the next time you think you’re killin’ it top-notch in some shoes with

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