#UnapologeticBitch with a #RebelHeart: MADONNA Wraps MARTIN LUTHER KING & NELSON MANDELA – Has She Gone Too Far?

madonna-armpitThen and now, a lot people have/had ascertained that Madonna ‘aint wrapped too tight.’

madonna bright eyes

If you know anything about the Desperately Seeking Susan actress, singer: Madonna Louise Cicconethen you know (years before the watchful eyes, fonts, and desperately seeking attention pit called “social” media); as far back as the in the 90s, she coined the term:

“Artistic Integrity”


Now, here we are in 2015 and several albums in; Madonna has yet to disappear into oblivion.

Although some (real, imagined, or perpetuated rival industry colleagues, journalists, and others) wish she would just go away…the fact of the matter is: Madonna is here to stay.


If you don’t know, Madonna just recently dropped her greatly anticipated album called “Rebel Heart” and if you follow Madonna—she’s been #unapologetic and an “#unapolegeticbitch for a few years now [since her decision to grace us with her presence on social media].

But it’s not an “act” or ploy for attention. Although she is accused of [attention-seeking antics], Madonna doesn’t do “antics”: That’s been who Pop Queen Madonna has always been.

MADONNA gifAnd if Queen of Pop Madonna told you once, she’s told you a thousand times from the 90s throughout her (unmatched) notorious rockuconcertmentary Truth or Dare (as previewed atop the OSF big screen) …and in several interviews over the years [where people are still waiting on an apology for appalling them all]:

“I will not compromise my artistic integrity.”

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Keep waiting. It’s not coming. I repeat: Madonna’s an #unapologeticbitch whose: #UNAPOLOGETIC (and she will not compromise her….” artistic integrity”).


Keep waiting and you’ll be waiting longer than that woman made that statement eons ago…


madona voguing

Madonna has trendset moves (“movements”) as far back as “Voguing,” and encouraging people to express themselves—unapologetically.tumblr_m6oa7xrAJn1r7e9vpo1_500

Here of late, the “Rebel Heart” Madonna herself is doing it yet again: Expressing herself and not compromising her artistic integrity—BARRING: none.



 With her new movement, she is however—WRAPPING: all–

Bob Marley, Miley Cyrus, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe:

…and even her once rumored industry rival: Pop Powerhouse Lady Gaga,  is wrapping and rocking with Madonna and #RebelHeart movement:



Hell, she’s even wrapped Jesus:


So for the record, no, Madonna wasn’t scared off by what her critics felt was sacreligious blasphemy–when she was blasted and banned from and in certain places for creating “Like a Prayer” yearrssssss ago [even before the attention-seeking world of social media].

All “Rebel Hearts” whom she feels (like her-then and now), created movements and went against the grain to create change, change the world (or not compromise their own artistic integrity for fear of scrutiny of the spectators and less brave at heart)…Madonna’s wrapping and telling it to the world.


Madonna has now took her wrapping to a new level-and “crossed the line” (let some lesser artistic, rebels without a cause-types tell it).

Now—she’s wrapped two legends and intertwined them into her movement: Nelson Mandela and Dr. Martin Luther King:

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