JADEN SMITH Challenges All Rappers + Drops Video Featuring KYLIE JENNER



Jaden Smith took to Twitter with a challenge: Any rapper who thinks they can out rap him-come see him. The precocious, (if you follow him on Twitter) seemingly, wise-beyond his years son of Will and Jada Pinkett- Smith took to Twitter daring anybody to step to he and his catalogue he has stashed and put away already. And if you feel you can hang, out rap (or out work) him please step up—he’s inviting you to prove it:

The official video (located atop the OSF big screen) was shot by his good friend Moises Arias who, if you remember, was the male party in the black and white photo that sparked controversy over under-aged Willow Smith resting at the opposite end [of the bed] with him which (because of the viral outcry) and yet again, the speculating and assuming people of the Internet going wayyyy too far, tending to business that isn’t theirs  lead child protective services to get involved (to get their dose of 15 minutes of fame and publicity under the guise of “doing their job” and out of “concern”).

At any rate.

Kylie Jenner, 17, rumored to be romantically linked to rapper, Tyga, 24 (and perhaps, is who the rap challenge is for), is in the video with her pal Jaden who too, is rumored to have been dating Jaden “for years.”

Umm. What? They’re only 16 and 17, guys.

*Wiggles head really fast*

For those invested in deciphering if the song is about Kylie (as rumored) have at it:


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