The Kid is Not My Son: ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ Reality Star OMARIONs Mom Wants Him To Get a DNA Test for the New Baby



Hip Hop Hollywood is about to “turn up” for real-very soon.

If you’ve been following the story[line] of everybody on the show (which includes  Soulja Boy, Ray J, Masika Kalysha, Tatum Miranda, Teairra Mari, Yung Berg, Arika Kane and Nia Riley), then certainly you know what former B2K member/dancer/actor Omarion’s storyline is [on the show]-with his girlfriend Apryl Jones.

Although he does a reality “show,” according to sources, his real reality is real and is about to get “realer,” [lol].

OMARION_MOM LESLIE_APRYLAs if it’s not bad enough when a boys mom is looking at you with a third eye, or either doesn’t like you (for whatever reason), it’s equally as tough when you give that man a baby and his mom says: ‘uh…not so fast…maybe.’

Well although the pictures of Omarion with his new baby: Megaa, and Apryl-the woman by whom he [allegedly has a child with—let his mom Leslie tell it] have been floating around getting all loved  up on, the Somebody Help Me actor’s mother isn’t so convinced the child is Omarion’s.

OMARION4Now although Omarion is black/is of African American decent, and Apryl is of mixed race (Asian and Black), Omarion’s mother is still not convinced that Omarion had anything to do with it-taking into consideration that Apryl’s ex boyfriend is Mexican. Either way, Omarion’s mom doesn’t feel the baby has their ‘Grandberry’ blood running through its veins at all.

OMARION3As a result of this doubt, the You Got Served actor’s mother wants her son Omarion to get DNA test, and according to sources, Apryl refused to do it. This prompted whispers that he and Apryl are possibly breaking up [over her not agreeing to take the test].

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The Feel The Noise actor has already gone on record stating he comes from a family of women with “strong personalities” [who pretty much no girlfriend he’s brought home] has been able to handle them.

As well, he feels (in that regard), even Apryl is going to have to (and can) “hold her own.”


Once it’s proven they went half on the Megaa baby, all else may fall into place…perhaps.

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