This Isn’t UNITED AIRLINES’ First Time Having A Bizarre Event Like Such Having Happened

Whether United Airline is out here playing into the popular, perpetual, new brand of publicity and in your face version of the PR rule: “any publicity is good publicity,” the fact of the matter is, apparently, it’s CEO has zero fux to give (either way).

Just off the heels of the negative publicity it received last last week when a tween was kicked off for wearing leggings, United steps up its game by kicking a 60-something year-old doctor off—for (their being overbooked and needing to make room for 4 of its own staff to board the flight from Chicago to Louisville).



For the record (reportedly), for an inconvenience fee ranging from $800-$1350 United Airlines (and pretty much all others) have a rule under the contract that states when you fly with them, they reserve the right to ask patrons to hang left and catch another. Should no one volunteer, the airline staff can pick and choose.

Apparently, the airline that brands itself with the slogan: “Fly The Friendly” Skies, aint about that life no more and [is] standing by a Drake rule: a “No new friends” policy of their own and (obviously) care less about its patrons being the wind beneath its wings.

Nothing’ more painfully obvious than that especially when the CEO of the company stepped up and showed just how “united” he was—to his employees and law officials that violently removed the man out of his seat without with incident in the form of a bloody mouth and was said to be belligerent .

Reportedly, his mouth was bleeding because when officers reached to grab him, his face hit the seats armrest.

Several articles and headlines are running about this incident that can be found over at our sister site


The seed of ‘crazy’ is obviously interwoven in United Airlines’ flying fabric as, it just recently (too) that another bizarre incident happened where (before take off) one of its  pilots went on an inappropriate, bizarre and untimely rant about Trump and Hillary Clinton.



Now see, where was staff to fork over $1350 ducketts to ask passengers to hang a left and catch another bird? ‘Cause see, that would’ve been me, with glee.

There’s NO way I would ride an Uber with someone talking like that, much less some woman carrying on like that about to lift me miles up, up and away into the friendly skies with her uncertain self.

No ma’m.

Author: Angela Sherice