How The Ironic, Real Life Goings On Of (Both) San Bernardino Facilities Were Too Surreal

As a mom of a special needs child myself, who (as well) attended a school like San Bernardino’s North Park Elementary school for kids with special needs and the San Bernardino vocational school (that too) employed people with special needs; it’s pretty jarring to hear that a woman’s domestic situation fell into the laps and lives of innocent children (and ISIS wanna-be radical’s issues with America) would cause the deaths some of the most helpless people in society.

  Scott Pelley / CBS News

I have a newfound appreciation for the tighter than Fort Knox, locked door procedures of the facilities my son attends-which was rocked to the core to learn that the ISIS wanna be radicals worked there!

Tune in to our sister site to several headlines and articles that detail this unfortunate situation in which a woman-who was estranged and (reportedly) afraid of her husband of 3 months after bliss turned to ‘boo’ –stemming from his fascination with guns and (alleged) erratic behavior that (reportedly) served as the reason why she was his “estranged” [wife of just 3 months].

As a woman who (too) had an experience like that, this story (too) seems all too familiar and scary with one difference: He died. I lived. And unfortunately the woman died by his hands in front of innocent children-just like I saw my own life flash before my eyes yet, it was my son (being home) that happened to save my life.


Tune in to those stories (and more) at our sister site:

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Author: Angela Sherice

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