Is BLAKE LIVELY Too “Becky” To Cop To Having An “L.A Face & Oakland Booty?” SIR-MIX-ALOT Says No


a 90s popular rap hit called Baby Got Back (by Sir-Mix-Alot).



…Take special note of the very first line out of the song as it opens: “Oh. My. God. Becky. Look at her butt!”

Following Beyonce having dropped a song from her Lemonade CD/HBO Special, although the hunt was on, (controversy included) for whomever it was alleged assumed “Becky with the Good Hair” was-perhaps “Becky” was just a name from the rap song after all. Either way, Sir Mix A Lot (humbly?) neglected to step out an defend that on Beyonce’s behalf–that perhaps “Becky” with the good hair was inspired by “Becky” the white girl at the beginning of his classic video—(a white girl culture shocked and appalled by a black girl’s “big” “round” “out there” butt on display atop a spinning harness). “She’s just soooo ‘black’ ” said “Becky” in the video.

Fast forward.

In a Cannes red carpet front/back butt view pic, that didn’t stop


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