RACHEL ROY Cancels Event Following BEYONCE LEMONADE #Beyhive Bash – How The “Becky” RACHEL RAY Cashed In


Rachel Ray can keep it hot in a lot of ways-mixing up some of her sweetness that’s sure to quencher yours, my, or any mans thirst, but Jay Z ‘aint one of ‘em that’s for sure.

Unfortunately however, the Oprah protégé (slash) superstar chef show host (slash) married woman with children’s sweet nectar was swarmed upon when it was assumed the well-known chef (Rachel Ray) was the not as well known designer: Rachel Roy.

So what? You ask.

Well this past Saturday night when Beyonce dropped her Lemonade visual via HBO, it included a visual to a song she has called “Sorry,” where in it, she sings:

I see them boppers in the corner

They-sneakin’ out the back door  

He only want me when I’m not there

He better call Becky with the good hair

He better call Becky with the good hair


Well, (designer) Rachel Roy stitched herself into quite a tight situation when that same night, she took it upon her bobbin to sew herself into a

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