Better Hurry: How To Watch BEYONCE’s @HBO #LEMONADE Special If You Don’t Have Cable In 5 Sweet Steps

Beyonce Lemonade YellowAs we all prepare for the world premiere of our notorious yellow-gal’s…..[something having to do with “Lemonade”], I had to stop and think: Some might be bitter that they missed out on all this sweetness about the go down: People who don’t have cable!

Although HBO is offering [HBO] free of charge (having begun Friday, 4/22) through tomorrow (Sunday 4/24), that doesn’t mean all people who love Beyonce has cable.

Love Beyonce?

Thirsty for Lemonade?

Quench your thirst!

Here’s how you can watch it if you don’t have cable:

  • Go to your smartphone of mobile device.
  • Go to Google Play
  • Install HBO NOW
  • Grab that credit card (or Paypal email attached to a credit card you have on file with them)
  • Select the offer for HBO’s 14 day trial period.

You will not be charge if you cancel the subscription before the date specified.


Although we don’t know if this is a movie, a concert, a video or a rock doc, we Beyonce fans have already peeped her awesome acting skills in Carmen the Hip-Opera, now how she throws down in concert and how to put mofo’s in formation and “be that ‘b/tch’ to cause all this conversation at the drop of a video.

So without further adieu, go get your mobile device and get it poppin.’

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