Here Without You: 3 DOORS DOWN’s Bassist Fired

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Ever get in that mood where instead of staying busy to keep from bawling and crying in a corner over love lost—and you’re feeling brave enough to get it all out this time; I’ve got the perfect song for you: a tear-jerking fave of mine from not too long ago, by 3 Doors Down called “Here Without You.”

If you’re feeling brave and need a heartbreak cleansing-hit it:

download (73) Unfortunately and as well, life is imitating art for the guy’s bassistdownload (74) of the band-who is suspended by the group indefinitely following a recent DUI arrest.

download (70)   download (71) Todd Harrell was charged this past Tuesday in Mississippi for his second DUI arrest involving substance abuse other than alcohol-the first was in 2012, where Harrell hit another vehicle’s rear end. He was later found to have been driving under the influence of prescription drugs (and convicted)…

download (72)As a result, in a statement released by the band, they are suspending Harrell indefinitely in order to “protect the band’s image and integrity” and encourage him to “address and resolve his problems.”

download (76)  3  Doors Down’s hits include: “Kryptonite,” ”When I’m Gone” (and “Here Without You”). The band’s first two albums: “The Better Life” (2000) sold 6 million units and their 2002 album: “Away From the Sun” sold 4 million units, respectively.

On another note, and as well (for all the lovers, and the hearts in the house tonight); “Here Without You” may not resolve all your problems, but if tears are what spirituality tells us [is a]: “cleansing,” I guarantee you’ll thank me (maybe not tonight), but by morn you’ll be all sobered.

You’re welcome.

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