Husband and Father of 4, Rapper SNOOP Says He’s Leaving No Will + Marriage x Relationship And When (Before) Death We SHOULD Part

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Beneath an often times jovial, humorous exterior (outside of basic associations-), I have a policy necessary at the foundation of any relationship before I ‘play’ with you.

When it comes to ‘relationship’ I have very regimented rules. Because once the rules are followed/adhered to, there is nothing I wont do with, for, because, or for the love of you.

When it comes to ‘family,’ family is accidents at birth that share experiences in life that, beyond a automatic, unquestionable, loyalty and allegiance necessary to form team “kick your ass for messing with my cousin.” Outside of that, as adults however, I’m a fck a hot dog with relish under the hot summer sun sitting on wooden tables with sectors of gossiping aunties, cousins, grandmas etc., where’s the meeting on who’s doing what, need what, lacking what, got resources on what, or who’s the weakest link in that should something happen to such and such; which one of us is going to step in and care for such and such’s child.

glitter-gold-starUnlike family, we literally get to chose our friends who often times are “family” to us. So it’s a must, and only right that family is more ‘friend’ than friends. Anything less, is wrong.

glitter-gold-starI don’t even live by default. I live off goals, strategy and sprinkles of spontaneity. So if I don’t live by default, you’re not going to be in my life-high in placement by default ‘just because’ …(and I didn’t get the option to ‘chose’ you. We got groundwork to do).

Well past the accident at birth memory stages of family life, a ‘family’ to me is the family that have certain answers for the uncertain or even unspoken. We’re just family and that’s just what we do-automatically. I’m involved and in the know about every single thing going on in my relative’s life that if I had to


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