SINEAD O’CONNOR Stands By ARSENIO HALL Having Dealt Drugs To PRINCE – Laughs At His Lawsuit Against Her

SineadSinead The PopeIn her time, Sinead O’Connor may have lost [what ended up being a] war against her when she publicly disrespected the Pope (but eventually got an apology from a reigning Pope).

Fast forward, as well (although she surrendered and waved the white flag after her public feud with Miley Cyrus) she aint backing down in her ongoing war with former talk show host/comedian Arsenio Hall who feels O’Connor’s accusations are no laughing matter.


In case you aren’t up on things in the world of my dearly beloved Prince, [while] the reclusive Private Joy singer managed to do a miraculous job of (during his entire 30+ year career) keeping his private life private, now that he’s dead, speculation surrounding the reason for his death is causing a whole lot of finger pointing (as to who Prince’s helpers and drug dealers were).

Arsenio fingerKnown for his long finger often used as a prop of sorts pon de opening of his show, Arsenio is the new, not so proud recipient of the finger being pointed back at him.

According to Sinead (who wasted no time dropping his name as being one of Prince’s friends who got drugs to him), Arsenio (who, unknowingly  being raked across the Internet gossip circuit as the nickname “Arsenic”) struck back by filing a $5 million dollar lawsuit on O’Connor given her public claims of shame.

All that means nothing to Sinead who is still talking…accusing Arsenio…and standing by her claims.


While it seemed rather odd that initially she just name dropped him as one of Prince’s drug dealers (without backing up her claims with any more information other than that), this time around however-in lieu of his lawsuit, Sinead spewed more—up to, and including telling Arsenio to suck her d|ck as, she is confident that if the DEA is [contacting her] and listening to what she has to say; somewhere in the smoke, there is fire that obviously, she will notSinead Album

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