His Eye Is On The Sparrow: PITBULL Sends Warning To DONALD TRUMP (In Spanish)

While Mexican kingpin and America’s most wanted man El Chapo’s eye was on the sparrow used to clear underground pathways that lead him to greener pastures

…34 year-old Cuban rapper Pitbull put quite the bird in Trump’s ear during his recent public appearance on Fusion America With Jorge Ramos.

“Donald Trump doesn’t become Donald Trump by being ignorant. He may have a big ego — we’ve all known that for years. What I think is that he found a button that he likes, and he sees that he got people mad and hot and he’s gonna keep pushing it.”Pitbull2


But it was during his acceptance speech for winning Top Urban Artist at the Premios Juvenad Awards (presented by Univision), Pitbull said bluntly (in spanish): “Watch out for El Chapo.”

Additionally, the Latino rapper let it be known that he would no longer be in support of Donald’s hotel and casino businesses by which he’s supported several times before.

“Due to what’s been said, I wouldn’t be able to…I can’t, just for the simple fact that you’re talking about a culture that I ride, I die for. This culture is the only reason I’m having this conversation right now.”


Still, regardless the statement he made that’s not being laid to rest anytime soon; Trump insists: “I don’t have a racist bone in my body. The fact that I want a strong border and the fact that I don’t want illegal immigrants pouring into this country, that doesn’t make me a racist, it means I love this country and I want to save this country.”

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