JUSTIN BIEBER Caught Out There: Posts Bikini Pic of KELLY & MICHAEL’s KELLY RIPA Citing She Was His “Big Crush”

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Perhap’s it was the pink hair, the blue hair, the new hair, or Justin’s bare bottom that’s got him trippin’ and all out there-but he sure as hell went for it this time on Kelly and Michael talk-show host: Kelly Ripa.

We don’t know if the timing was meticulous and he wanted to show Kelly what he was working with or nah, but just a week or so ago, Justin posted a pic of his bare butt while out on a boat (mid-sea) as if he was re-enacting a scene from the Blue Lagoon when the little boy pointed at seeing a boat and said “boat.”

Butt But after some time and contemplation, the Biebs thought it be mature of him to apologize to the world for showing his @$$ albeit our bait and solicitation of the just-past pubescent pop pretty boy’s bum.


We all waited with baited breath on this moment, i know, right?

Well just when we thought he had that long talk with himself-he went reaching for married mom of three: Kelly Ripa by posting a pic of the sexy talk-show co-host in her undies smack dead on his social media page with the caption reading:


“Wow Kelly makes me feel some type of way.”

“No disrespect I know she’s married! #bigcrush.”


Despite her youthful good looks such that hanging on the arm of Biebs would be no cause for alarm (if we didn’t know Ripa) the fact of the matter is however: She’s got one good-looking husband and kids that could very well hang out with Justin-no problem.

Although it might be cute that the 21 year-old is crushing on Ripa, without crushing him to much, she joked that this was a cry for help: “I’m worried,” she quipped.

Co-host Michael Strahan laughed uncontrollably.

“Justin, If you need me, I am here and you call me…we will work it out,” the 44 year-old added.

In a way like only she can do in her brand of humor, then stood up and said, “You can see all this in person,” pointing to her body.

What did that gorgeous Mark Consuelos have to say about all this?

Kelly said:

“Mark literally said, ‘Where did they find that picture? Thank you Justin, you really gave me tremendous street cred with my daughter.”



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