Advertisers Rih’voke Ads From RIHANNA’s Controversial Pimptress Anthem: #BBHMM – But Who’s Pimpin RIHANNA?

Speaking of b|tches that’d better have her money.


Rihanna may not have to clutch her pearls over this bit of a sanction, but it may make her clutch her purse (oh..just for about 2 seconds-if that).

Rihanna Dior


In spite of the fact and all damning due to Rihanna’s most recent video for her latest hit BBHMM (B\tch Better Have My Money) being too violent and explicit in nature therefore, advertisers pulling their adverts on/during the racy digital short while on, it’s not stopping Rihanna’s go (or money)-she probably hasn’t even opened those little checks stuffed in her mailbox at home.

“We respect the wishes of our advertisers and we will not run their adverts against any material which they deem to be inappropriate to their brand.”

“It is fantastic that advertisers have begun to take responsibility and withdraw their support for this unbelievably shocking video. I hope more follow suit.” -Vivienne Pattinson (Mediawatch-UK) 


Although Rihanna’s been big pimpin’ with her [chorus-driven catchy], aggressive anthem, as it turns out, there really is somebody out in the world making off with some of the pop princesses money, bi/tch.

Rihanna’s got herself a walking billboard ‘rih’ping the benefits of an advert and marketing of sorts, in a different form as she’s out and about living the life like it’s golden on a daily basis: Getting run up on and mistaken for the pop megastar as she takes it (and countless pictures) all in stride.

We can’t help how we look and betcha by golly if how we look is helping in that regard-go for it! I mean, who has time to explain to all Rihanna’s fans you aren’t actually Rihanna?


Since around 2014, Andele Lara, 23, has been making money at this although it may seem so, she’s not that “b|tch” [that’d] better have Rihanna’s money because she’s no t-shirt or billboard-selling her (Rihanna’s) image for profit (pre se). Although Lara admits not having Rihanna’s chops, she says she’s not necessarily looking making a career of being an impostor of Rihanna’s but she hasn’t turned down the offers having come her way for clothing companies and other brands having paid her to promote them.

Its said in 2014 she’s earned over $20k from it.

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