{For the Record} Glee for NAYA RIVERA

images (5)  Just in time for the fifth season [finale] of Glee, airing May 13, Fox Network has finally stepped up to give us all the G’s on the news we’ve been waiting at the edge of our seats for: Naya Rivera is still on the television show’s roster.

download (5)  Well now, Fox can’t exactly speak for the rumors being true or no that her record label (Columbia Records) shelved her–images (2)images (3) and we all know (for sure) that she and rapper / former fiance / beau Big Sean are shelved; but without further ado, one thing we can say about that is that he may not be with Rivera anymore, but his notorious lyrics: “My new girl on Glee and shit” can live on [less, “new”—now, old…since…they are no longer together]…  download (4) But the fact of the matter is…  the show must (and will) go on [as-was].

At any rate.

I’m a lil’ busy today, but since we too, reported that it was rumored Rivera was being fired from Glee, we felt it necessary to report the facts just in [so…I understand the role of a job to do].

Having said that, it’s a publicist’s “job” to champion and cheerlead their client. And now that Fox has cleared up the rumors of Rivera’s being axed, still, her rep (Samantha Hill) had this to say [about the other floating rumor about Naya being axed from the record company]: “The newest story claiming that Naya Rivera was dropped from her recording contract with Columbia Records is absolutely false. To be clear, any rumors or statements made as fact, that Naya Rivera was fired or let go from ‘Glee’ or dropped from her recording contract, are categorically false. Someone obviously has an agenda to damage Naya’s good name.”

Let’s stick to this fact [about a name]:

images (4)  Naya Rivera will be returning to ‘Glee’ as “Santana Lopez.”

No word from Columbia Records as yet, but we’re sure all is (or will be) well.

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