13 Year-Old WILLOW SMITH In Bed With 20 Year-Old MOISES ARIAS Stirs Controversy

images-16 Although it seems like yesterday that (then) 10 year-old Willow Smith was just whipping her hair back and forth
, a lot has happened in the (now) 13 and a half year-old’s precocious little, big life.

images-25 At age 12, after making the decision to turn down the role of “Annie” in the musical “Annie,” [having suggested to her dad: actor Will Smith, some things about decision making where she is concerned]:

download-2 “Dad, I have a better idea. How ‘bout I just be 12,” two black and white photos whipping around the world of social media of her sharing the same bed with 20 year-old actor/musician Moises Arias, is perplexing and suggesting more than what everyone was ready to handle but definitely are snapping about.

download download (1) Moises Arias was too, a child star-acting opposite Miley Cyrus as “Rico” on Disney’s Hannah Montana [and too], is chums  Coachella 2014 - Week 2 - Day 1   download (3)  with Willow, her brother Jaden, and Kendall and Kylie Jenner (all of which recently took to the grounds of this year’s Coachella Music Festival with their colorful friendship and presence).

download (2)  images (1)

Fast forward a couple weeks later, here we are live and in black and white, the pics of Arias and Willow are getting anything but a round of applause but rather, screeching violins instead.

Willow-Smith-and-Moises-Arias-2  No one knows what prompted the 20 year-old Arias to post the photos to his Tumblr and Instagram page—positioned with no shirt on, sitting up in the bed by a window, while 13 year-old Willow Smith lay in front of him in the same bed looking off (away from the camera) in the same direction as Arias.

Although it looks no different that your typical Calvin Klein or Aeropostale controversial (and suggestive) photos that would too, make the pages of many-a-fashion magazines and over the years, as well, have been held in contempt and public court of opinion as being “inappropriate”–this time around, Arias’ two photos are currently being held in the same regard.

Willow-Smith-and-Moises-Arias  Since the outcry, although the pics remain posted on his Tumblr page, he has since removed them from Instagram.

I’ll just go on and say what everyone is thinking [it suggests], with his being pictured in the bed with no shirt on and she being pictured in front of him [beneath his bodice],  it looks as though it was a pic taken after a couple has “hooked” up.

Considering the fact that Willow is only 13 [yet Arias is 20]; it’s causing all kinds of uproar (and suggesting).

I’m thinking…We’ll be seeing these photos in some magazine really soon and that’s just what they are: photos from a shoot for advertisement for some brand.

images-65 CHILL. Yous can get your panties out of a bunch now. Whomever the brand is-is about to make a killin.’

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