DIGGY SIMMONS’ Funky New Single “My Girl” Steps His Game Up Tenfold


download (6) Diggy Simmons, 19, is well over being worried about being Copied and Pasted these days-he is proving consistent, serious, and breaking into his own.


images (7) Mold: Broken and thrown.

images (6)  Copy and Paste: Impossible.  He’s Grown:

The son of Hip Hop legend, Reverend Russell Simmons, is all grow’d up, baritone’d, buffed ………(and toned).

Produced by D’Mile, Simmons is out with his new single “My Girl” images (1) (which features 17 year-old crooner Trevor Jackson) is backed by funky, a slight, bass guitar, double-beat baseline, reminiscent of our parents’ George-Duke/ “Dukey Stick” –now made modern and sure to make your neck do it’s own dance.

images (2)  It’s crazy funky and certainly steps Diggy’s music game up tenfold with his mixture of Rap and R&B.

He’s official and is ready for the big boys of music doubt.

The single is from Diggy’s upcoming album [title unknown as yet] and is obviously about “a girl” (who, at begin song, basically apologizes for all the dudes she met before him, I’ll have you know).

The video is about a girl who caught his attention while he was with friends at a formal party in suit and tie. And well…after catching his eye, she suits him just fine.

Diggy, and Trevor on this D’Mile track is doing the blessed thing-dressed like two dapper young men in suits getting their grown and sexy on:

Check it out for yourself!



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