George Zimmerman’s Auctioned Murder Weapon’s Proceeds To Go Toward Fighting #BlackLivesMatter, HILLARY CLINTON & Prosecutor ANGELA COREY

The repercussions of the consequences for being acquitted for the murder is coming to roost for 17 year-old Trayvon Martin’s killer George Zimmerman.


Despite Zimmerman’s Twitter antics (which included vile, unforgiving remarks about killing Martin, retweeting Twitter ‘supporters’ in search of attention and 15 minutes of fame for posting pics of the 17 year-old post shooting as if it were a trophy, as well as figuring [that] Geroge-Zimmerman-most-tasteless-Trayvon-tweet-500x82wearing a confederate flag as his Twitter avi) would be enough to garner him enough attention to somehow magnetically attract other racist ‘supporters’ he obviously thought would secretly lend him ‘support’ in a way that would afford a free killer to live; (obviously) did not work out.Geroge-Zimmerman-on-reTweets-trayvon-pic

As I mentioned before, there’s a large price to pay for being “free” on an injustice whereby the court may have been on your side, ultimately, court of public opinion will decide if you can actually “live”-so being “free” aint free if you aint “free” enough to live and work in peace enough to make a living to enjoy your “freedom” (not to mention not being “free” enough to walk a mall without being asked for an autograph or selfie on one end but by the other end-possibly beaten and mobbed.

Although Zimmerman’s been the untouchable man in, even since murdering Martin, having beat domestic charges, walked away from an attempted murder on him, and free enough to have a Twitter account by which he was eventually suspended indefinitely, although alls been peaceful.

With the doors closing on Zimmerman’s “free” life, what else left is there to do but play right on and into the world’s obsession with all that’s “sensational”?


Answer: Auction off the gun that Zimmerman used to kill 17 year-old Trayvon Martin on that fateful February 2016, 2012 night!

Zimmerman Gun Auction
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I mean, despite walking free for taking another’s life, a guy’s gotta eat and afford to live, right?

Welp, with a starting bid of $5000 bucks, Zimmerman is now killing again-two birds with one stone: Getting the attention he misses from his only connection to the world via Twitter all the while standing to make some money in the interim.

According to who spoke with Zimmerman, [who] said he has had death threats while being [in the hiding he so vehemently defended not being in many-a-day on Twitter] and too, since word got out that he

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