George Zimmerman Retweets Pic of His Handiwork on Killing Trayvon Martin Dead + Ways and Why He’ll Never Reveal The Private Hell He’s Suffering & Why You Should Leave Him The Hell Alone


Trayvon Martin Hollister shirt

After harassing, and cruisin’ for that bruisin’ he was asking for and still, three years later, feeling the sting of the swiftness of that virile, youthful, agile, a%% whipping he caught by some 17 year-old hands that prompted him to run-get-gun; George Zimmerman is at about the only thing he can do with his life right about now: get some other people stinging mad.George Zimmerman day of murder


Ultimately allowed to walk scot-free after killing 17 year-old Trayvon Martin, Zimmerman is yet again, in the news doing about the only thing a free (yet ‘un-free’) quality of life imprisoned man can do with his time: Play on the Internet and piss people off all day.

Geroge Zimmerman most tasteless Trayvon tweet

It was just a couple weeks ago we reported to yous that Zimmerman was found throwing quips and insults back and forth with people who hate him along with the aid of people who support him, and even since then, has been back in court-this time however, in a case where somewhere tried (unsuccessfully) to shoot him.

The failed attempt ultimately landed (the white male) jailed, and now fighting for his freedom by which George Zimmerman is now (lawfully) claim ‘victim’ and hold in the balance.

Having been able to shelve out a few bullets and dodge others has Georgey Porky feeling full of himself such that he got bored just yesterday while George Zimmerman in poollocked behind the pixels of the world he claims to be living and swimming comfortable in.

Reportedly, a supporter Tweeted the pseudo-free man mad coward a picture of Trayvon Martin as he lay dead in the grass where Zimmerman shot, killed, and left him on that fateful February day in 2012.Geroge Zimmerman on reTweets trayvon pic

Obviously a tasteless act as such angered many who just don’t understand how painful it is to be free to roam the world and not really be free.

Senseless acts like this is about the only thing George Zimmerman can get to get his adrenaline pumping and to feel any semblance of ‘normalcy’ and connectedness.

George Zimmerman can’t even maneuver in this world being this brand of famous.

In a due amount of time, considering his quality of life is compromised in ways [that he will never cop to and continuously sit in pools and claim otherwise]; ignoring him on a daily via his only connection to the world will kill him softly and give him

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