Fight The Powers That ‘Thee’: Unexpected, Unconventional Police Duties Turn D.C Teen Fight Into Fancy-Footwork and Pullovers To $100 Handovers


We all know (and have witnessed) that upon responding to calls, this past 2015 alone has made for some bad police-community relations, leaving civilians on guard and subject to losing lives while fighting the powers that be.

Well this time around, in the following two cases; police officers are doing the right thing indeed: by putting themselves in a position to fight the power that thee.

Perhaps thanks to the world of digital/ social media (as opposed to the analog and ‘closed’ media airwaves of tv and radio days of old) post by post, inadvertent, unintended cultural diversity lessons have been given to whomever is concerned and dare search and peep or be culture shocked by surprised by what’s come down their timeline.

Indeed, with as simple as logging on, one is subject to learn things that corporate and industrial world employer cultural diversity training classes have been unsuccessfully trying to teach employees for years.

Take for instance [an anonymous, female Metro D.C cop] who responded to a disturbance call about a group of teenagers involved in an altercation that, just as the anonymous officer + several other arrived, were about to fight.

Well rather than what we’ve all grown accustomed to seeing (situations like this overzealous cop responding to a “turnt-up” teen pool party that resulted in the cop pulling out a gun and strong-arming a girl, through to the most recent one where a cop responded by sit and slam: put a young girl in a choke hold and slammed her while sitting in her school and proceeded to grab her like a sack of potatoes and eject her from the desk and toss her straight across the room), this Metro D.C anonymous cop responded by leading the urban/inner city teens into a dance-off, which ultimately reversed and diffused the situation in quite an unconventional and unexpected way—and worked.

In a video of 17 year-old Aaliyah Taylor, the cop, and the teen crowd dancing the “Nae-Nae” (caught by a bystander named Antwain Bynum), actions literally spoke louder than words, so much so that its vibrations gyrations made its way around the world of social media and even onto the President of the United States’ desk and stamped with praise:



Noting that “all officers aren’t bad,” and that the anonymous officer “had some moves,” Aaliyah Taylor, pictured here, told the Washington Post:

DC teens and cop4 Aaliyah Taylor

“Instead of us fighting, she tried to turn it around and make it something fun. I never expected cops to be that cool. There are some good cops.”


Calling it “embarrassing” for her even, the modest, spontaneous, quick-thinking, cop refused to be identified but instead, her chief of police (Metropolitan Chief Police Officer Cathy L. Lanier) stated:

“The viral video today of the First District Officer positively engaging with teens and diffusing the conflict yesterday in a manner that appropriately resolved the call is reflective of the many positive police-community interactions that take place daily in Washington, D.C,” she said.

“This is what we do every day,” Lanier said to the Washington Post-adding that she was proud of the way the officer handled the situation: “The officer is known for her hard work and dedication to policing.” She is a great credit to the Metropolitan Police Department.”



anonymous wealthy businessman cbs
T’is the season and when while some of the world is in great spirits and good cheer, others may not be. But if this Christmas season be anything like last year December; the police force (who’s had quite at terrible reputation with regard to police-community relations) may very well be put in position to repair at least a little damaged caused by what many communities have witnessed this past 2015 year alone.B4sYTAFIgAA5Nd9

Last year, our friend at CBS (remember-for years, Steve Hartman—the guy known for doing the light-hearted stories that warmed hearts and restored faith of the human condition by surprising many with random phone book targets and unexpected visits, reconnections and all sorts of cheer) did a story on a wealthy businessman who, for years every season, donates up to $100, 000 dollars (anonymously) did something different: Took to a police station and handed $100k over to a Kansas City station. Their mission this time, was to (rather than pull over and apprehend for traffic violations), randomly target motorists, pulled them over, and surprise each with a gift of cheer and $100 dollar bills.

Obviously, no one likes being pulled over, as you’ll see a few’s obvious agitation that ultimately turns to appreciation when it becomes instantaneously apparent that thus far, the cops were targeting and pulling over people who indeed were grateful in need-which made it all the better.

Check out what happened:

While we don’t know where this wealthy, anonymous, secret Santa will appear to spread cheese and good cheer, we can only hope he makes his way around to some police stations and repeat the same as done December 2014 considering the fact that 2015’s police-community relations has suffered tremendously in just over the past year. Either way, its good to know that rather than the anonymous giver running his riches under noses and talking talk; he’s out here in the world handing out something readily redeemable by which universally, and after all is said (and undone), all can definitely relate to (and redeem).


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