Rapper FETTY WAP Threatens To Shoot Baby’s Mom After On Air Interview + How “Effective” Is Exposing People Online? (Or Not)

Fetty Wap and the Babys mom


Fetty Wap and the Babys mom2Newfound fame isn’t beyond reproach when it comes to baby-mama drama and other perils of the past. Just ask rapper Fetty Wap who just got states evidence turned in on him via a heated argument with his baby’s mother (Lezhae Zeona) who caught the rapper on tape threatening to shoot “it” (and her) up while referring to her as a “bum”-among other expletives.

Although [because the camera was pointed at Fetty during the argument] you can’t see the baby’s mom, she did make herself be known by doing an interview with Gems Radio “Dashow.”

Typically, I would sit and listen to a video reel and present that reel to you by summarizing/writing/explaining it to you but for this situation, I will not (so hopefully your mobile device just allows you to press play and listen).

But just to give you a little background on it-the video shows the rapper pulling up in front of the woman’s grandmother’s house after having found her following her taking to the airwaves to air out dirty laundry of his (that sounds like it was retaliation after the rapper allegedly impregnated some other chic and…you know…typical and basic sh/t surrounding that—alllllllll wrapped in to the ‘main thing’ being the rappers neglect of his daughter that he shares with this woman).

Here’s that on that, (but following your listening to the interview, we will carry on to our “main thing”: my take on these rampant Internet dime drops and what, if any purpose it serves (or effect it has overall).

So, after the videos-check that out.








…You see, the thing about putting people on blast online is two things: while tabloids, news programs, and


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