RUSSELL SIMMONS Asks For Permission To Treat Himself To A Boo Fest This Halloween After Tricking RUSHCARD Members Of Their Monies [That Are] Still, Nearly 30 Days Ghost

Russell Simmons shame


After pressing pause on his tantra tweeting for [now] almost a month into thousands upon millions of Rushcard members still having yet to get access to their funds tied up into Russell Simmons’ Rushcard, the now labeled “bad businessman” had the nerve to ask ask his angry customers if he could step out for Halloween to treat himself after tricking all out of their monies.

Despite countless low-income, hardworking people having gotten evicted, unable to buy food, pampers, meds, cars repo’d, warrants out for arrests late child support payments and having themselves caught up into unimaginable dire straights from not having access to their monies, Simmons wants to go out and play this Halloween despite these people’s monies still be ghost.Russell Simmons shame3

Captioned to a pic of an Adidas track suit and fat gold rope chain-obviously dressing as his brother from the 80 rap group Run DMC, Simmons captioned it

Haven’t been out except for Rushcard offices and yoga for 15 days. My uniform is calling me. Can I get a pass?” he then stated on his Twitter account-followed by a post to his Instagram account: “One night out back to work FYI. All direct deposits were posted.”

He really should have kept that to himself about as much as it’s unfathomable that nearly 30 days in, there would even BE any ongoing direct deposit business and postings to his business on this second bi-week.

To feel it necessary to take to his social media account to “ask” such a thing-either Russell Simmons thinks this whole mess is a joke, or he’s feeling himself after making good on this major “press release” as promised, where he announced that all affected members will be able to file a claim to recoup the damages that rendered them impaired as a result of not being able to access their funds—but with no date or actual system in action to begin this process whatsoever.

Obviously, feeling about as angered [as I thought it was bold and unnecessary for him to propose such a display and question], some of his disgruntled card members had a few choice words for him while they await this full 30 days that Simmons should be good and ready to collect interest off these frozen monies in this ponzi scheme.

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