EVELYN LOZADA Is Making Manifest: “Baseball Wife” Current Situation: Engaged To CARL CRAWFORD

“Basketball Wives” are all across social media fulfilling the prophecies of manifesting the reality show’s name, and too; becoming one step closer to becoming thee wedded wives in real life reality.

Less than one week ago we reported and asked that you all join us at Other Side of the Fame in congratulating actress Gabrielle Union and basketball player: Dwayne Wade on their union, engagement, and plans of becoming lawfully wedded husband and wife.

download Another couple has stepped in to the paint: VH1’s “Basketball Wives’” reality show star Evelyn Lozada, too, got her shot at everlasting love once again with baseball player: Carl Crawford.

th (2)  th (3)  Although Evelyn may be notorious for being outspoken and (according to unpopular and popular opinion) louder than many wished she was; she switched up her game-completely.

article-2529298-1A4A149000000578-516_634x861  Shortly after the most recent season of VH1’s “Basketball Wives: aired, she emerged in pictures all across the Internet pregnant-leaving viewers wondering who could be fathering the child (since she never mentioned anything about being preggers OR dating anyone at the [present] time while the show was being aired).

th (1)  According to how far along she was when the pictures made their way around the Internet, she had to have been preggers during taping of the show but kept nun-like mum about it-she basically satisfied the curiosities of all inquiring minds who wanted to officially see her face, and to see what she had to say about Chad “OchoCinco” Johnson since the unfortunate event where she was head-butted and as a result; hauled ass from that relationship. 

article-2529298-1A4A126E00000578-141_306x423 *YAWN* Because According to reports, while the Internet was a-buzzing with honeys posting bags, handbags and boxes for Christmas; Evelyn was being adorned on bended knee by Carl-who certainly didn’t box, fold, or slouch in the bling department with his token of love Lozada’s hand. He proposed with a pretty sizable diamond ring designed by Jason of Beverly Hills that reportedly weighing 14.5 carats and appraised at 1.4 million dollars.

Jason is getting a lot of business this season as Union and Wade reportedly utilized his services as well, for Gabrielle’s 8.5 carat token of love.

Yes, now that you got the G’s on the “who,” we at Other Side of the Fame know you want to know the “when’s,” “where’s,” “why’s,” and “how’s” of (what seems like) Lozada’s all-of-a-sudden-ness, so her it goes: 

article-2529298-1A4A149C00000578-593_634x866  Fiance + father of unborn child: Carl Crawford of the L.A Dodgers-reportedly just signed a 142 million dollar contract with the team.

Their ages: Evelyn Lozada, 37 | Carl Crawford, 32 

D.O.D (date of dating): We don’t actually know the date, but rumors had been circulating that she had been dating Crawford since May 2013 (that’s all we know about that).

Her due date: March 2014

Her Back Story:

article-2529298-1A4A18A000000578-917_634x932 (1)  She and Patriots wide receiver: Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson had been dating while she was on “Basketball Wives,” and officially married on July 4, 2012 in Saint Martin.

th (5)  The couple’s wedding and blissful lives was to be captured for the VH1 camera’s for all the world to see in a spin-off show of their own that was cut short by popular demand after the incident where it was alleged that Johnson, who came in after a night of cheating, got into the altercation with Lozada. He then head-butt her with such force that she needed stitches for the gash. The two separated in September after their brief 2-month marriage.

th Lozada’s “initiation” and welcome to the “Basketball Wives” club/reality show was due to her being engaged to NBA star Antoine Walker. Although they never made it in the paint and to the alter, it didn’t stop Lozada from being the most infamous + well-known  “Basketball Wife.”

Mother of a 20-year old daughter, Shaniece, by someone (who we never hear much about) before she met, and was was engaged to Walker.

Her other gigs include being the co-owner of a high-end store called Dulce and as well at OMG! Insider Magazine.

When Evelyn took the lid off about her being pregnant (on November 29, 2013 to be exact), she announced to People Magazine: “I am so excited to announce a wonderful blessing…I’m pregnant!” said Lozada. “I’m excited about being a mommy all over again, this is something I’ve been wanting for years and I can’t believe it’s finally happening.” she expressed. 

During a recent Internet chat with OMG Insider, Lozada stated she’d ‘definitely get married again’ and went on to explain: “I still believe in love … I’m not one of those people that’s like: ‘We need to get engaged, we need to get married.’ No, absolutely. I feel like that’s going to come, just like with the baby, let it come. I’m not forcing anything, so if it happens, it happens.”

article-2529298-1A4A125600000578-529_306x423  She obviously changed her whole tune when less than a month later, that day came. On December 25, 2013 she was pitched a proposal that she obviously wasted no time catching. 


End Story:

May Evelyn Lozada finally knock this relationship out the park and score a home run! We at Other Side of the Fame bid her congratulations and sincere well wishes!

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