“The Jerk”: STEVE MARTIN Apologizes for Bringing Down the House on the Twittersphere with “racist tweet”


Leave it up to the never ending variations [of 26 letters formed billions of different ways in 140 characters] to speak for you-results: Come what may. Or…well…depends on how you’re…reading [in to?] it: “Did you come for me!?” …could very well be what you end up with.

Let’s face it.

Twitter is a loud, yet quiet place-filled with millions of people from various parts of the country and varying backgrounds who are used to different types of slang (or not). And often times, 140 characters can sometimes tarnish someone else’s character (or our own) unintentionally.

steve-martin-618x400  Just ask comedian Steve Martin-the usually “classy” and demur comedian, writer, and Oscar host with the off beat humor like in his classic: “The Jerk” and with Queen Latifah like in the movie: “Bringing Down the House.”

Although he apologized and says he meant no harm, regardless, at OSF even if the Faux Pas is an error, the fact that it merely happened, will get the celeb his/her shine in our category-where Martin will be joining the likes of: Kanye West, Paris Hilton, Angela Simmons, Josh Romney (Mitt Romney’s son), and Dr. Conrad Murray.

Well…approximately 71 characters made the comedian and “The Jerk” actor seem like a real jerk on the social network [Twitter]. And those characters were as follows: It depends if you are in an African American neighborhood or an Italian restaurant…but to some, it was not so funny.

In the name of “interacting and engaging,” Martin was throwing quips back and forth with his fans when he threw out that quip [that made many record scratch sounds in the ears of many eyes that were Twatchin.’] 

Apparently, what started off as

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