CHRIS BROWN: in Better Spirits, the Christmas Spirit & Singing New Songs Spends a Sunny Christmas with Visit from Girlfriend. RIHANNA: In the Bed, in the Rain

article-0-1A4A33E600000578-626_634x632  While the ChRIHANNA debacle may still be that looming dark cloud over Chris Brown’s head, according to a picture that his girlfriend, Karruche Tran, sent out on Christmas Day (with a caption that read: “Merry Christmas from us”); it was all smiles and sunshine for she and Chris over in their neck of the woods where he is residing in a treatment center right now.

article-0-1A49FF1C00000578-416_634x632  Rihanna spent CHRIS’mas under her um’ber’ellaumbrella1 eh, eh, eh, eh.

The singer sent out a pic of herself looking disheveled, with a caption that read: “Being held hostage by the rain to this bed…

While locked away and kept on a short leash and totally out of his (usual) element, Chris Brown must indeed be on his best behavior considering the fact that one of the rules of his being in the facility included discontinued use of the computer and Internet. Because as we reported a few days ago, on the December 22 day that he attended the Toy Drive, Chris tweeted out to his fans and as well, thanking his team.

In addition to his releasing new music today

Brown also tweeted: “merry Xmas!” and posted the east coast version of a new song called “Loyal” featuring Lil’ Wayne and French Montana, and as well, the west coast version of the song which features Lil’ Wayne and west coast rapper: Too Short.

From the looks of things, Brown is in better spirits, the Christmas spirit, and as well; back to the music while being on his best behavior while at the treatment center.

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