DRAKE’s Hotline Bling Dialed Down As Stolen By DRAM

Remember “Cha Cha’s” ‘Dram’ yall !!!!!!!!!!!!!?

…………………………Of course you don’t.



Well we attempted to bring him to yous when we introduced him as being a possible collaborator on Beyonce’s “whenever will be” released next album by which she posted pics of herself and [this artist named] “D.r.a.m” in yet, another one of her pixelated blue’s clues—giving way to the possibility that the two were currently in studio.



Well if the popularity of Other Side of the Fame could introduce you to him as that artist that was first known by a song called “Cha Cha” (that Beyonce video taped herself dancing to) wasn’t enough to make you know him then, then perhaps now you may know him, get to know him, or……..not want to—if you’re a Drake fanatic.

As you just read by us, Drake just dropped in visual for his popular hit “Hotline Bling.” And before it could ring, we and all yous (via Twitter) picked up that this artist [“Dram”] is accusing the revered rapper of jacking Hotline Bling from him.

This raised a lot of eyebrows-considering the fact that Hotline Bling (the song-less the video) has been out for a couple months now. But on the very day the official video dropped, just hours later, damn Dram…here go hell come.


“Yeah, I feel I got jacked for my record…But I’m GOOD” –D.r.a.m

You see, well what had happened was………. while (ironically) in Drake’s neck of the woods (Toronto) Dram was performing (while out on “Chance the Rapper” ’s Family Matters tour ticket), it was there that he boldly pointed out some similarities of his Cha Cha song and Drake’s Hotline Bling song.


Now duly, dually note that, apparently someone else (kinda sorta?) thought the same thing—once upon a time…about a month or so ago. Reportedly, when Hotline Bling premiered (back in July), Beats 1 tweeted:



Don’t know if that was the catalyst the lead Dram’s listening ear to peer in closer or not, as the video dropped last night, Dram dropped the following

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