DRAKE’s Hotline Bling Dialed Down As Stolen By DRAM


Although obviously Dram is not happy about how this all shifted, esoteric artist Erykah Badu (who, as we showed you—remixed and premiered her rendition of Drake’s Hotline Bling within these past few months as well) stopped by to shower the up and coming artist with some love and seeds of acknowledgement that his art was indeed the flower that it is nonetheless.


As we told you in a previous write up where, as we speak, rapper Jay Z and producer Timbaland are in court right now for being accused of jacking the beat for Jay Z’s “Big Pimpin.”

Word on the street is that many artists and producers are paying closer attention to melodies and rhythms in music past and present, and determining whether or not any part of the song was lifted and not granted permission.

It’s a catch 22 to all this (it seems) as, it’s being said that Jay Z (who admits lifting the beat behind “Big Pimpin”) only did so because of the lyrical content of his song he was using it for–he felt that if he were to ask to use the melody, he would be told “no.”

In situations like such (considering what I’ve studied in my journalism media law class) I’m noticing that these artists aren’t necessarily jacking from

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