New STAR WARS Trailer Catch Football Fans Off Guard

Of all routine, rituals and events, last night the force to be reckoned showed up during Monday Night Football halftime and startled Star Wars nerds (passing by the television) and gave quite the culture shock to sports fans forced to stop screaming and take notice.


As per our friends in the Twitter offices, the shock value it flew in was valued at 17,000 tweets per minute and caused a frenzy of both, confusion and anticipation.

From a marketing angle, this was quite the antithesis of the flow of the normal testosterone and goings of a Monday night football game’s intermission and certainly got the attention it set out for:

This Monday night media anomaly changed the game and worked like the physical fitness trick called “shock your body”-where an exercise is going with the flow of a certain interval or way and upon command of a trainer (or by one’s own thought)-a total switch up (interrupting the flow) happens unplanned. Trainers claim this mind-body trick does a body wonders and sets it [the body] up for a kind of fight or flight response in which the mind and the body will sort of prepare to work together in preparation for the “force” of change that may happen like the session before.

In the dramatic scene and sounds-set over a John Williams score, the previews features Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and the beloved Chewbacca with the Dark Side’s new leads character “Finn” played by John Boyega and Rey (played by Daisy Ridley).

Check it out for yourself!


Well the “force” certainly blew in last night-all across Americas television and landed onto the real-time pages of many-a-Twitter timelines by which the consensus pretty much is what it was: “December can’t come soon enough.”

The previews, is that of the seventh installment of the Star Wars film arsenal and set for a December 18th released date in theatre’s worldwide.

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