DEBBIE ROWE’in Her Boat Intently Down the Stream

Newly engaged to be married, Debbie Rowe is in the process of sitting all her ducks in a row for the set up: coming home too roost: Gather the chill’ren, and rule her home again. But it certainly is not going without incident.

Not that we all didn’t know she and Michael must have obviously, been very close (platonically) and it’s most probably a die-hard fact that after careful viewing of her early childhood and teen pics of herself, he (obviously) not only trusted her, but thought it’d be good [that she bare children for him], so with that being the case, it’s not too far fetched to think that Michael would not have had a gossip session or two with his chum and baby’s mum: Debbie.

th (1) Last week it was the engagement (to gay porn producer and close friend of Marc Schaffel ).

This week, for some odd reason Debbie felt the need to exhibit just how close she and Michael were by disclosing the contents of one of their gossip sessions where she revealed that Michael said [allegedly]…his brothers were talentless and the only other one in the family with talent was sis Janet.

Full steam ahead, count on the guys at TMZ to put the APB on Jermaine too run up on him to get his response [about the alleged diss from the dead].

In true TMZ form, they found their target [Jermaine] on route to his parked SUV nearby non-other than a hair store at a strip mall somewhere in L.A..

When asked about Debbie Rowe [claiming Michael said he and his brothers were talentless] Jermaine defended it by saying there would be no Michael Jackson without his [“talentless?”] brothers. Although that may very well be true, let’s be honest:

That doesn’t change the fact that we all know Michael Jackson spent the majority of his singing years solo and hey…he could have very well forgotten (or been so far removed from feeling the need to ingratiate himself and attribute his solo success to the backup of brothers) that he very well may have said it.

*throws the granny index finger*

th (3)  But shame on you Debbie Rowe!

What a shame that she would drop snippets of she and Michael’s gossip sessions when the guy is resting in peace while she is planting seeds for the takeover and preparing herself for an Armageddon like seeking to remove her two birth children [and the Blanket] from comforts of the Jackson compound.

Although even during the strip mall ambush with TMZ cameras and microphone in his face giving him the G’s [on Deb’s diss from the dead], when asked if he would attend her wedding, Jermaine was still kind and diplomatic. He politely stated that he indeed would go “if-she-invite-me.”

Despite Deb’s plans, swipes and jabs; Jermaine says he had always been the nice one in the family, towards Debbie. He said that he was always the one who treated her well who went out of his way to make her feel part of the family and welcome when no one else would.

download (8)Unfortunately, Debbie Rowe’s feelings for Jermaine aren’t mutual, because one of her claims (and concerns) while seeking to get custody of the three children is that Jermaine is (quote) “creepy and inappropriate.”

article-2588793-1C89BFF300000578-409_634x449  Well, the battle is on, as new claims are developing that not only is she concerned with the fact that the Jackson matriarch: Katherine, is getting old and therefore, is not as involved with the children as are their younger relatives [the children of their uncle’s children] but too, she is disgusted with her son Prince’s language and fears that article-2588793-1C89C08500000578-253_306x700 Blanket is most vulnerable. As a result of all that, despite the fact that she herself admits that she is not as close of Prince Michael (or him-her) as she and Paris are to one another, the fact of the matter is, she is still in the process of pursuing legal guardianship of them all.

prince-paris-jackson Although all this sounds like perfect timing, considering the fact that the first two cash-cow’s are coming of age and it’s time to open the pearly gates on that estate, Rowe insists that her sole interest in being granted guardianship is strictly because of her concerns over there welfare-not their estate (which too, comes as a package deal wherever they are rooted-goes without saying).

I guess we’ll have to stay tuned to see how this all plays out, especially when the theatrics and secret weapon that was highly publicized about Paris’ attempt to commit suicide is used as the biggest leverage in it all. That, compounded with the fact that she gave her kids up for $6 million dollars (and an every 45 day visit) just might play out nicely in front of the poor judge who should be so lucky enough to get this case on his/her docket.


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Source: Barbara Neefer/AP , TMZ

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