JADA PINKETT-SMITH Gives New Meaning to Selfie: Posts Nudie of Her Self on Her Facebook Page

Well from the looks of things and in “hind” sight of that one love scene [in the movie: “Set It Off”], turns out-perhaps it really was Jada (around the :46-51 second).



A photo making its way around the Internet of actress Jada Pinkett-Smith is very demonstrative of the fact that she is embracing her curves.

Over the years, the petite-framed beauty has gone on record to state that not everybody in her family tree is as petite as she, so she never forgets that (when pulling away from the table and being conscious of the fact that we should “eat to live, not live to eat”) as she has gone on record for saying.

bhw4eltceaed33t If you remember, Other Side of the Fame reported (around Oscar time) Jada was worried about fitting into [her Oscar dress] because of the few pounds she had recently put on-so much so that even her friends were noticing.

Well, it’s been weeks since then, and having fit into the dress quite well, she’s obviously okay with what she’s working with-dress off [too], because via her Facebook page this past weekend, she recently posted [a tasteful] nudie of herself embracing her curves with a caption that read:

The human body is beauty, art, creativity, expression, a vessel for the soul, our temple and a magnificent machine. We gotta take care of it. Love on your body today. It’s thee only body you got;)
Happy Saturday:)

I couldn’t agree more.


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