Rapper NAS’ Documentary: “Time Is Illmatic” Premiers at 13th Annual Tribeca Film Festival

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 Although it is always a subject up for debate [and is as subjective a decision as is the opinion is relative to the beholder] of that Nas’ 1994 classic “Illmatic” should no longer [or always should] continue to be celebrated and held in the reigns of being one of Hip-Hop’s classics (classic enough to keep rapper Nas in the rankings of being one of Hip-Hop’s greatest of all times), the fact of the matter is Tribeca and Robert DeNiro thinks so.

download (13)  The 13th Annual Tribeca Film Festival (co-founded by DeNiro), kicked off its festivities in New York City yesterday with the premier of “Time is Illmatic”-a documentary based upon Nas’ landmark, nine track 1994 album: “Illmatic.” Directed by filmmaker One9, and written by writer Erik Parker, film takes a look at the Queensbridge [New York] native and its housing project [affectionately named after the city], Nas’ parents, and early Hip-Hop and the 80’s in Queens [New York] as forces that shaped the rapper Nas which in turn (and ultimately) made for an album like “Illmatic” [now: documentary about him and it all].

Despite its roots, the setting, the premise, and all involved; this night was all but “quicker than a New York minute.”

download (14)  After the movie’s premiere-still in  New York state of mind, with the assist of Alicia Keys on piano, Nas performed, reminisced, pulled his brother onstage and thanked all the friends and family along the way for being instrumental in his career, his life and ultimately being the force and inspiration behind the album-now being hailed and celebrated in yet another big way, deservedly so.

The “I Know I Can” rapper, stated: “Whoever you are, you can be anything,” Nas told the audience.


Source: Jake Coyle/Associated Press

Photo credit (Header): Andy Kropa/Invision/AP


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