RONDA ROUSEY’s “Comeback” Ends in :48 Seconds At The Hands & Feet of AMANDA NUNES

As detailed in Angie Situation (Innocence),” (here in excerpt 1),  I thought my notorious tween a$$ whippings and hood “stick fights” were top of the line, headline-worthy. Ronda Rousey took the belt on that one.

Fact: Rhonda Rousey will indeed kick yours and my a$$.

Another fact: This self-proclaimed ‘comeback’ may have, in fact, set her up for yet, another setback.


At first, when Rousey riled us all up claiming she would, could and should kick (male) boxing champ Floyd Mayweather’s a$$, we just knew that fight lurking around the corner between she and that UFC 193 fight between she and (female) fighter Holly Holmes was something she pretty much had in the bag.


(Besides our curiosity as to why here feet were yellow), we all pretty much knew how that went…


Fast forward.

Rousey took it all in stride (disappeared from the public eye and shut her mouth about kicking anybody else’s a$$).

She merely promised that next time-this “comeback”-with those same ‘foots’ she would be kicking a$$ and taking down names.

Unfortunately though, (and despite the UFC’ week long Rousey pump-up) that didn’t work out as promised.

Along with Rousey’s mom, people are whispering that the UFC wants to tag Ronda’s toe and send her on and out to regular-life glory.

You see, Rousey’s ‘comeback’ didn’t get too much time to come because 135 pound Amanda Nunes came swinging before Rousey could even form the ‘t’ in think (about it).

Last night’s UFC 207 Fight at Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena all but lasted a rip-roaring, reported :48 (that’s–forty eight seconds) and Rousey went out like a lamb—being led to slaughter.


The good news is that most times, when you lose-you just lose. She still ‘won’ [in that] she made more than many will in a lifetime and definitely never make in 48 seconds: a whopping $3 million dollars.

The bad news is that money can’t exactly buy you love, and in her case, did it bring her—‘shove.’

On the bright side before this 2nd (straight) loss, the WWE said they wanted her.

And at lost last (against Holms-November 2015), despite the jabs she took in the media about it, surprisingly, Mayweather was most kind with his words.



I like Ronda Rousey, so hopefully this time around-all else were just as kind, too.


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