#ImWithHair-Out Of It: FBI Director JAMES COMEY’s Clinton Email Combthrough Meets End–Again DONALD TRUMP On His Best Pre-Election (Twitter) Behavior


Given that she lays next to one of the most notorious cyber bulllies in Twitter history, if it wasn’t enough that Melania Trump got trampled on for interjecting into her first public speech-the importance of ridding ourselves of the nastiness of cyberbullying; one thing the hypocritical statement did do was silence—the cyber bully: he’s a man of no words to say about the FBI new ruling that came down today.



Don’t know if Trump still has that same “confidence”and love for the FBI after today.

It was ruled that the bureau’s director James Comey [and all interested parties combing through Hillary Clinton’s email files hoping to come up with something warranting a warrant for her arrest that Donald Trump so badly wanted] turned out to be just what the lady said it  was going to be:
hillary clintonNothing.


Carry on.

Just after Halloween, it was reported that

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