5 Reasons (And Ways) To Look At The Trump Presidency As A Positive (For Some) Or Light At The End of The Tunnel (For Others) But Either Way–Make A Special Kind Of Peace With It

With a broken heart.

#ImWithHer, still.

I made a decision though.

I don’t know about you, but I actually feel good this morning-even after suffering that crushing blow of the presidential candidate I rode for having coming to a complete stop.

I am sad however that I lost my resourceful mother who always had an answer for any question that I’ve had.

I have questions.

For the past two years since she’s been gone (multiplied by the past 8 years since her faculties and voice were silenced and all I had was her live body and open eyes), it’s been very hard out here not getting questions answered that only my mother could give me answers to.

As brave, bold and resilient an adult as I am, secretly, about 15-30 minutes in the day, everyday, I crawl into my protective shell-still feel like a child again: swinging her legs on a chair, holding a teddy bear waiting on her mother to appear and hold my hand.

…Because I still have questions-for the past 8 years (personal, professional, pressing or petty), they’ve mounted up.

What would I be asking my mother today?

Mom, you said JFK and Jimmy Carter were the best presidents and then along came Ronald Reagan, is Donald Trump being elected what that feeling was like?”

That’s what I would ask my mother today if she were alive. But ironically, even after a hard night last night, I woke up feeling good with a prospective I never entertained I’d have since all these months of being entertained x annoyed with the shenanigans of Donald J. Trump.

I know what I feel is real, because I have a thing that all my friends (and even you-following my work) have probably heard me express a thousand times:

I don’t like being asked to, or don’t make decisions in the night time hour because monsters and all that’s dark come out in the night and live there. I like to wait ‘til the morning to make the decision on that I think I feel is real in the night.

I trust nothing said and done in the night until I feel that same thing in the morning or that same thing carries on as was—in the light.






Morning’s here, and this is what happened about what had-happened.

You see, when I woke up this morning, it came to me that perhaps we should not just look at the Trump presidency as the shock and awe that it is (for many) , the culture shock (for others), but rather, the popular culture shock (for all).

Here’s why.

take2  Take 2.

Stay tuned.

The rest–after my regularly scheduled program..

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