CHRISTINA MILIAN Takes it [Back] Home: Hits Home Run Singing National Anthem at Dodgers Stadium



Christina-MilianIn the world of entertainment, sometimes the scandals and drama surrounding celebs can overshadow what they do/did (or can do). Take Christina Milian for instance. Remember?

blondes women models celebrity christina milian singers necklaces baseball caps 2560x1920 wallpap_www.wallpaperswa.com_49She’s a singer ↑










…and an actress………remember?

Well here of late, over the past few years, her relationship drama and woes with producer: The Dream, to music mogul: Jas Prince to her current/alleged[ly] being involved with Lil Wayne who (as we reported) much to her chagrin, dismay, (and disses), isn’t sitting to well with singer Nivea (Lil’ Wayne’s other baby’s mother).

Well, whether rumors [of the 17th season of Dancing with the Stars contestant] Milian

being preggers “by” or in a relationship by Lil’ Wayne are true or no remains to be seen–perhaps in her upcoming reality tv series premiering on E! in 2015; a Kelsey Grammer produced show (tentatively) called Christina Milian Turned Up.

Either way, (come what may), she stopped by Dodgers stadium this weekend-and in front of thousands; performed the National Anthem: taking it home to where, before life and love got in the way, it all began and well, she hit a home run of her own.

Let’s see if you agree, enjoy!

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