‘Booty’ Singer JLO Rear-Ended in Hit & Run With LEAH REMINI & Their Children


Long time BFF’s are often times partners in crime (figuratively speaking), but never do we want it to be literally do we?

BFF’s Leah Remini and JLo were caught up in a fender-bender turned crime just this past weekend just off the heels of a previous girls night out a couple nights ago–having come and gone in peace I might add.

JLo and leah remini

…Well, sort of.

At any rate.

In a matter of hours on a bright, sunny, Saturday afternoon somewhere in the hills of Malibu, California; things went from 0 to 100 real quick.

With her friend, actress and It’s All Relative reality star, Leah Remini driving, shortly before Booty singer JLo was rear-ended, she shared a video of one half of her two “coconuts” (Max) rapping.


Although driving on California turf-little Max definitely represented New York: draped in his New York Yankees cap and rapping for his singing mom while in the back seat with his twin Emme and Remini’s 10 year-old daughter Sofia who too represented Lo’s and Remini’s native stomping ground.

Well hours later, it certainly would have been all relative had the Bronx and Brooklyn beauties had their way with the drunk driver that hit ‘em and run–some stomping might very well have gone down for sure.

JLo posted a pic of herself after the incident not at all looking too happy about such a thing having happened while with her kids.

Needless to say, besides some damage to her “newwhip,” with the exception of a little whiplash, Remini and her daughter, and JLo (her booty) and her two “coconuts” made it to their destination in one piece-which ultimately turned into a big treat for the kids: hanging out with singer Demi Lovato
Judging from the piercing mama-bear stare through the lens of the pic, bumping into JLo might have been quite the nice surprise on a better day but that day wasn’t such a day.

Whether or not the man in the other vehicle realized who she was or no is still unknown–that is…because as they were about to exchange numbers [and the man would realize he was in possession of what most probably would have been his Instagram bragging rights] he sped off.

A police officer pulled up to his bumper a short distance away and arrested him on suspicion of drinking and the hit and run.


Never your worry all, give her whiplash about a week or less-it’ll all be back to business and Lo can go right back to whipping the world with her Booty.

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