{OnDaCover & In Between} CHRIS BROWN’s Revealing Interview in BILLBOARD MAGAZINE



rihanna and chris brownIt’s been a very long time since singer Chris Brown has had a formal, reflective, sit-down interview, and none during, or since troubles [regarding] the dark, ominous clouds of he and Rihanna’s past (that, for years-until recently) hang over his head.

CHRIS BROWN BILLBOARDheaderOTHERSIDEOFTHEFAMENow, having time served [in] indirect relation to the notorious incident-over the past six years, Brown has had revolving doors of reflection (that although mixed in with those the times-some not so bad decisions), he is now past it all and moving on—in hopes that the world can too, ride shotgun….on his journey.

CHRIS BROWN BILLBOARDAs spirituality and the seasons would have it, the actual/true “New Year” begins with spring solstice… and since leaving prison (this past spring), it’s not hard to tell that Chris Brown is starting anew and springing forward as well.

Will you join him?

In a brand new revealing interview with Billboard magazine, Chris Brown opens up about surviving life behind bars, and what he’s learned and knows for sure in his life and moment in time of being free, unshackled, and starting anew

Check out various moments of Chris’ Billboard interview photo shoot while in his creative element and space. Then head over to #OSFChannel5 to be connected straight to the full interview and more!

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