{Out & About} NAMASTE Beyhive: BEY Z Spotted in Portofino, Italy



Whether they were having sweet dreams or beautiful nightmares, screw the breakups rumors; ’cause from the looks of things, Jay Z put love on top of he and the Love on Top singing powerhouse.

Bring the beat in.

Ok, so…if you follow me, you’ve probably heard me talk about women doing this thing I refer to as “peacocking.”

What is peacocking?

“Peacocking” is that moment in a girl’s life where some change is going on within her emotionally, physically, spiritually or some area of her life where we do things like: cut our hair, or change its color. Other times we go through an entire style “revamp-vention” on ourselves, or our homes, our associations-all that (but most times-it’s drastic, or snap-decision sudden right after contemplation. It’s a “girl” thing that we do).

Well it seems as though our girl Beyonce is peacocking too, yet again.

As we told you before, Bey Z took some time off On the Run for a little European rest and relaxation and they are doing just that: Relaxing.
While hugged up and in love at sea (spotted in Portofino, Italy) looking [relaxed] in a bikini top and a feminine, peach, long-flowy feminine skirt; Beyonce gives us a bit of a peek at how she is peacocking these days with painted body art atop her hand, and of actual peacock feathers positioned at her hip and upper thigh.

She and hubby Jay Z were seen browsing through and about town while all smiles and sober in love.


10643874_260971437359888_1114177997_nAs well, Beyonce took some time out to thank everybody for their birthday wishes via a photo in yoga pose, and prose expressing her appreciation with this caption: “Thank y’all so much for my birthday wishes! 454733!!!!


Also, if you’re still questioning whether or not Beyonce is “Queen Bey,” she’s got the afterbirth to prove it:
















Queen Bey ya son’sers! Any questions?

*LoL. I like that pic.

Enjoy #Behivers

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