‘I’m No Rowdy Chick, Sometimes I Have to Fight ‘Cause My Mouth’s Too Slick’ – Singer MONICA Had to Clap Back at Fan



She put her dukes up and warned us around the 1:50  point of the video: “I’m no rowdy chick, sometimes I have to fight cause my mouth’s too slick.”

For the most part, R&B singer Monica is pretty much known for her singing-not so much for histrionics, theatrics, and other shenanigans that sometimes can occur on the lines of social media.

celeb on stageOften times, unfortunately, the basic respect level of fan to celeb dwindles down on the daily-as their once upon time revered lives left many at safe enough distance to keep them at a healthy level of wish and wanderlust.

Now, with just one too many likes and followers, those same screaming and awe-struck fans of yesteryear plug in for daily doses of delusion and feel like “stars” themselves (until log-off).

Thanks to technology, celebrities’ fans being so up close and personal to their favorite celeb at the click of a button, can sometimes make these fans forget [that]: ‘this aint no shiny print magazine you’re looking at–these are pixels with a real person behind it.’

I look at it like this: If Oprah can clap back (and invite a bi@%& to say it her face)


…hey..then Monica can shoot her hecklers a little of that Scorpion venom she rarely has to spit, too.


You see, what-had happened was…Monica posted a pic of herself: happy and fresh from the island of Antigua, and she wanted to thank the people of the island with the pic and captioned it: Loved it here!!! #Antigua thank u for your kindness… Everything was beautiful!!! #AllSmiles off to My Babies #LaiyahRomeloRocko

Well low and behold a “fan” replied:









So Monica kindly spewed:








Wmocie gifelp.

She sang it herself, “I’m no rowdy chick. Sometimes I have to fight…[this time…‘cause somebody else’s mouth was] “too slick.”

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