Catching the Vapors: WHOOPI GOLDBERG’s Marijuana Use

o-pen-vaporizer-product2 Whoopi Goldherb, I mean: Goldberg is in love: In love with her marijuana vaporizing pen-so much so that she put it in writing.

o-pen-vaporizer  The ABC “The View” co-host wrote her first post this past Thursday on the Denver Post’s Cannabists website—stating [that] by sipping small sips, her “vape pen” gives her relief of the devastating effects of glaucoma’s headache pain and pressure however, the pen does not give her a marijuana high (like recreational/street marijuana does).

Whoopi says that she is mindful (and careful) about using the pen in places/states where marijuana is illegal, though.

download  In case you wanted to know what a marijuana pen looks like, it’s like a small hookah but looks more like the over-the-counter thin cigars with the white tip (e.g., Black & Mild, Djarum’s etc). The pen is a CO2 vapor and is “rechargeable” (unlike a typical over-the counter cigar stick) and its vapor, per pen, allows for about 7-8 second pulls (“puff-puffs”) until empty.

If you remember, Denver Colorado just recently made marijuana legal, so it would only be befitting that its town newspaper open up a public online newspaper column to allow marijuana smokers (in due time) room to incriminate themselves beyond expressing, exhaling and exercising their freedom of speech to go along with the freedom to puff.

But their special guest this past week: Whoopi Goldberg was merely stopping by like the rule in smoking together (for “recreational” purposes) goes: Puff-puff pass[ing through].

Heres’ the link the Goldberg’s column, pass through:



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