So The Next Time You Walk Past a Homeless Person, Think of This:


…I mentioned this in my blog about Carlos Santana being reunited with a homeless man who told a news reporter that he once played with the famous “Black Magic Woman” singer and spiritualist: You never know someone’s whole story.

Well in the story, ↑ I told you about how the reporter went dumpster diving to find out if what the homeless man was saying was true or no, and turns out, he really was telling the truth.

That, like the video above, it goes to show you (what I also mention in my blog)  about how I’m always so curious (and tend to attract) lost, roaming souls who-while in my days and daily travels-I always end up talking to and getting to know by name.

It just makes me feel good, because everybody has a story-even if they don’t live like us.

That man in the video above, despite his toilet-tongue at begin video, has a voice like spring water-he is a One Man Show. If you have an eye for talent then you’ll know…

Here’s what we learned about him (in just that 2:14 video).

He has:


-a good singing voice

-his own background going on (he makes it/he’s rhythmic)

-his own harmony going on (he’s melodic)

-his own instruments going on (he’s musically inclined)

-he’s lyrical (he has his own song made up)

-he has his own choreography and style

-a bonus: He’s even got dub/island style! LoL.

..he’s great!


All he needs is a bath and a chance.


At any rate.

You never know someone’s talent (or story):

Here’s further reading for you:

” The Old Man With the Can ” by Angela Sherice



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