Can’t Miss What You Never Had: Boston Cab Driver Returns Bundles of Cash Totaling $187,000 Left In His Car And Receives ‘Reward’

Remember the scene in The Color Purple when Sofia belted Miss Millie’s husband one after he hit her for telling Miss Mille “hell nall” (when she rejected Miss Millie’s suggestion that when her kids got older perhaps they could become her maid)?



Also, remember after serving 17 years time for that and coming out (having to be Miss Millie’s maid-herself-and missing out on her children’s lives all those years)–over the holidays Miss Millie “granted” Sofia a full day of being with her [now, grown up children] and Miss Mille says “you can go be with your children alllllllllll dayyyyyyyyy. Alllllll dayyyyyyyy.” Remember she said that as if the loss of 17 years away from her kids and post release and still not able to live with them (for serving her), that being with them “allllllll day” would suffice and was somehow substantial?Boston cabbie

160705211739-money-returned-by-buzzy-maccausland-large-169Well if you were a cab driver, of 50 years, and somebody left $187,000 in a bag in the back of your car and you returned it, how much (if anything) would you expect?
Kinda reminds me of once upon a time when I had helped a girl [a relative of a friend]’s out with some business of hers that landed her with a big, fat check in the mid thousands. She wasn’t expecting but a couple hundred.

Needless to say, she joyfully bragged “l I cannot WAIT ‘til my money comes. First thing-I’m gonna run to [such ‘n such] store and get you a $25 gift certificate for helping me out-‘cause I know that’s your favorite store!”

(You’d have to hear me imitate her saying that—as if a mere $25 gift certificate could hold a candle to the stacks I wheeled in for her. It was hilarious! Over the years, it was quite an ongoing joke between my friend and me-my imitating the girl (bragging about a gift card that was no where near remotely close to being commensurate with the thousands I got for her). .

But if you’re a random cab driver who, with all intents and purposes, specifically returns $187,000 to a stranger (who doesn’t even know you enough to select a gift of a thought that’d count), how much would you expect (or think) the owner of the cash should’ve pecked your hand with—again, for returning $187k?

Before you judge (lol) keep in mind these deets:

The owner was a homeless man who had just come into some cash from an inheritance so, he knows all too well that this kinda cash doesn’t come around that often…



Needless to say, that little $100.00 reward seemed like it broke the Boston cab driver (Raymond “Buzzy” MacCausland)’s heart for, he had a taste for at one of the bundles or at bare minimum, $500-$1000 of the–$187,786.00 (to be exact).

The cabdriver told New York Daily News: “I think it was the right thing to do. A lot of people said, ‘You should have kept it,’ but I couldn’t do that.

He continued, “I thought maybe he would give $500 or $1,000, maybe one of those bundles.”

Interestingly, the (unidentified) homeless heir who left his money in the cabbie that (lucky twice) July 2 day, told the Boston Globe,”


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