Dallas Texas Police Sniper Identified As 25 Year-Old Texas Native Micah Xavier Johnson

micah-xavier-johnson-black-power-salute-army-picAfter killing 5, and injuring 7 of their own in what is being remarked as the most major American Armageddon since 9/11, if the emotion cops all over the country are feeling this morning [is] the same emotion one man wanted cops to feel after claiming their 559th civilian death (Philando Castile) just one day after their 558th (Alton Sterling), then he was very effective in getting that point emotion across.

It’s been a long time since I had a lip-quivering cry until I watched this whole video, too

Unfortunately however, 25 year-old Micah Xavier Johnson of Mesquite, Texas isn’t around to see the remnants and aftermath of his Armageddon as, (reportedly) officials proudly claim the bomb made by them was detonated and killed (said) man-but not before they were able to get some answers from him during the Dallas, Texas stand-off on the late evening of July 7, 2016.

Apparently, the Black Lives Matter / #BlackLivesMatter movement birthed on the Internet’s Twitter platform wasn’t moving fast enough past merely a hashtag and words followed by redundantly ineffective marches and protests with signs on wooden sticks in the sniper’s eyes as, he reportedly expressed his micah-xavier-johnson-army geardisdain for the group in addition to his intention: To kill whites-mainly white police officers (presumably, as a result of his being fed up at the mounting, reported police brutality and fatalities coloring the news on a daily basis).

As this investigation continues, more details are pouring in about possible accomplices (to which the sniper claims were none-despite 3 to 4 other suspects being detained).

Officials are referring to act of police terrorism as having been done in a “cowardly” manner by which the sniper “elevated his position” high above the crowd and officers and singled out the cops and killed them.

Given the elevated positions of authority and the (35 to 60 seconds) bold, point blank range shootings dealt by cops followed by mere slaps on the wrists, how dare that sniper be so brave as to try the same-he’d hardly stand the chance

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