Can’t Miss What You Never Had: Boston Cab Driver Returns Bundles of Cash Totaling $187,000 Left In His Car And Receives ‘Reward’


“I knew he’d find me. I didn’t panic at all.”


160706_atm_honest_cabbie_33x16_1600I live on a philosophy that what’s mine is mine. No strings (or paper) “attached.”

You know, when it comes to stuff like this, I NEVER forget to apply a lesson my mom told me that has followed me for YEARS. It keeps me humble, it keeps me from being desperate and it keeps me from being a slave to, and under anyone’s foot (who thinks they’ve got something I need that they have but just won’t–something a lot of people chase):

That lesson is: “You can’t miss what you never had.”

It applies to this situation in 3 ways:

A 50 year, 72 year-old cabbie never had or received a full stack of money (or never even rewarded cash). So, he’ll live. He can’t exactly ‘miss’ what he never had (or got).

The man, who was homeless and came into an inheritance never had $187,786.00 so…he wouldnt’ve missed at least kicking the cabbie down the $786.00 of the $187,786.00.

Not “missing what you never had” is a tool that serves 3 purposes:

  • It keeps your dignity in check (thwarts any attempt to run something under your nose and have you chasing it). For, all that’s “well” begins well, means well and therefore, goes and ends and ends well.
  • Keeps your hunger/thirst/desire for something in check (and you-at a pace to work for and get what’s truly yours)
  • As well, it can make you generous too (if you chose to be). But who knows, maybe $100 of $187,786.00 was “generous” in this homeless, never having had, man’s opinion.

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