Birthday Shin Digs & Bad Table Manners: MAMA DEE Cleared of Dine & Dash + LL COOL J’s Son NAJEE Scuffles w/Restaurant Staff ?

Beds, tables, and lives come by special invitation-places at which once extended, a certain kind respect and mutual understanding is expected and (hopefully) adhered to…or else.

I love dining out. So if you catch me dining out, it’s with someone I like, love [or it’s for business I like and wish to love].
That said, I dine out:
• with friends
• with lovers
or to
• to talk business, or the pleasure of all the above
• alone—I love my own company and alone time
I never sit at dinner tables with old friends or lovers [that have] turned foes, or to waste time talking business with no contract (or potential)-those things never require special invitation or quality time: God is always overhead and willing to provide the space between, the day’s sunlight, and the air in our hair.

Somewhere in that special invitation at the table, some bodies in the self-proclaimed “queen of the south’s” clique [and party of however many] pushed away from that table a few dollars too soon—leaving her stuck to pay the $500 tab. Some friends right? But hey, there’s never been any honor among thieves.

mama love and hip hopdeeWe reported to yous that on her birthday, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s “I Deserve” one spit wonder Mama Dee was arrested while in the “cheese state” of Wisconsin, but as it turns out; caught out there like a cheap skate.

After all the glass-banging, back-wash and belching, Mama Dee headed to the ladies room (and although no word on whether the check came before, or after she exited the ladies room) the fact of the matter is: when she returned to the table, the clique she partied with had all slipped away, leaving the self proclaimed queen stuck with the check who agreed to pay nothing but her portion of the rations.

As a result of that, she was summoned to the graybar dungeon with the rest of the peasants of the world this queen mama deemere mortal world beneath her.

Whether it be imagined dragons or no, considering her royal storyline on the “reality” show and how balling out this self proclaimed queen and her “prince” of a son “Lil’ Scrappy” are, this was hardly the behavior of such royalty who would rather whip out those crumbs than be tossed in with the bums.mama dees ig post

Considering how cute she looked and smiled on her mugshot, perhaps the publicity was all worth it. Either way, the queen Mama Dee posted $250 bail and is now safe at home after being cleared of charges, contrary to what [quote] “you’ve been reading all over the blogs” [end quote].

Your royal queen ‘high-ness’ took to her social media account to identify with mere mortals and explain how reality shows ‘make [them] look invincible, but for all intents and purposes, wanted to remind all that they do have feelings and families. As well, Mama Dee thanked former Flavor of Love reality star Shay Johnson who, was of course (on Love and Hip Hop) was Mama Dee’s favorite girlfriend of her prince of a son Scrappy.

No word on whether Shay was the glitter in all this, but queen Mama Dee ingratiated herself to Johnson, immensely.



Najee LL cool j son LL Cool J’s son Najee probably didn’t smile on his mugshot taken after a scuffle in a Manhattan Meat Packing District restaurant Catch for causing a disturbance at his 26th birthday table shin dig.

It’s said that after the Mama Said Knock You Out rapper’s son was asked to leave, he got into with the employees who then disturbed official’s donut time to come tend to this.Najee LL cool j son2

As a result of the incident, the I’m Bad rapper’s son may face criminal trespass charges.

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