BLUE IVY CARTER Is Her Own Rockstar…Who Can Handle Her Own Fans…And Can Graciously Watch Her Mommy Be A Rockstar…Among Her Mommy’s Fan’s

It baffles me when people say they can remember things that happened as far back as 3 and 4 years old, because for me, my life began around 5-7 years old. I remember NOTHING beyond that. I have a friend that tells me stories from her baby bed. It’s weird but true!


That being the case, it’s gonna be something else for Beyhivers the world over to see an [eventual] older Blue Ivy sit on the couch of a talk show recollecting what she thought about this lil’ life of hers, (or was thinking at a couple of these scenes of “baby Blue pandemonium”)…


Granted, I will give these people (screaming for her) some credit in that they are pretty close to the little girl, so I can kinda understand their shock in that regard.




As well, I can kinda understand their enthusiasm considering the fact, too, that (with the exception of this sweet lil’ day on stage) Beyonce and Jay Z are doing a GREAT job at keeping their child’s voice and “way” out of the media (other than still life for their fans to view).

I’m not even against the criticism Beyonce gets for dodging interviews and not being as ‘out there’ as her fan base is big. Because as I observe and discern the (‘out there’), it’s like…everything is so magnified on a worldwide level…and although nothing’s all that secret anymore, what you CAN hold on to a scared, you should ….(if you don’t wanna be burning sage everyday or…find yourself caught up in a pattern that you can’t get out of or reach back in to pull whatever’s left of yourSELF back).11934807_1623080361280740_953789634_n

I say that because given our transparencies (that contrary to popular belief) you have a choice in the ways we live ‘out’ today, and given that-a certain amount of opaqueness is extremely necessary…and well, as parents, Jay Z and Beyonce are doing an awesome job of keeping the more significant and sacred parts of enjoying their child-sacred, and from ‘out there’ for now while (obviously) still being able to let the little girl be a little girl.

11950702_1677524939157555_1264835723_nThat being said, (and considering how it seems that wherever Beyonce and Jay Z go-there, Blue Ivy is too), it’s quite amazing that (as you’ll see) with these people screaming like such, the child is indeed unnaturally calm given the few seconds you will see (versus being frightened—for a child her age).



I just happen to find those SO adorable-how unusually calm (rather than frightened) she was. LoL.

Ok so, when Beyonce labeled her child “confident” on that Flaunt mag word game she did, (honestly) I frowned up like: ”confident?’…at her age…she’s a child!” But after seeing that video, I get it (and we’ll even give papa Knowles some credit for his remarks about her here).

That’s all.

Nothing major.

Just sharing the adorableness.


The end.


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