Girl Groped By AUGUST ALSINA Says He Owes Her Nothing + How He Lashed Out At The Outlash

The Internet was set ablaze yesterday morning with timeline loads of men and women defending the fact that singer August Alsina invited a fan onstage and (while singing) proceeded to fondle her breasts-stating that the girl (and any fan) pretty much knows what they sign up for when they hit an entertainer’s stage and lion den.



August's fan's post Others on the other hand, weren’t so convinced that should be a reason for the entertainer to [quote many of them]: “molest” the fan onstage. Many took to social media and anywhere their QWERTY’s would accept, to spew venom and disdain for the singer—feeling confident that that must be speaking for the girl to whom it concerned.

Well I guess they all can have several seats now, and fall back on the old saying “you can’t keep somebody that doesn’t want to be kept.” Because if “@taylinaandbailee” would have it, August Alsina is just as good in her graces as he rode the crevices of her breast-is-sis.

The fan took to her pages of social media and posted [the words]
“last night don’t owe me anything.”

Alsina then took to his social media account to give the girl a shout out and proceeded to berate the “weak ass blogs” and “ignorant mufukkas” who kept hope ‘hoe’ alive and killed him with words.August's Tweet re fan onstage

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